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K-Titan vom Theishof- He was one sweet boy, we miss him dearly!

Titan Vom Theishof close upOwner: Tarissa Tilton

Registered with AKC

Color: Black and Tan

OFA: Hips and Elbows certified

DNA Test Results For Six Genetic Diseases  Titan is not at an risk for any of these genetic diseases tested for.

DNA Test Results For Long Hair  Titan can produce long hair puppies.

Sire: V Elton z Pohranicni Straze SchH3, Kkl1a. His breeder is the Czech Republic police dog center. He comes from the best of Czech breeding and German working lines.

Dam: V3 Undriena vom Theishof SchH2 Kkl1a. She is a daughter of VA (CZ) Bodo vom Haus Tyson SchH3 and a granddaughter of VA8 (USA) Xasko von der Roten Matter SchH3, IPO3, FH. She comes from West German showlines.


Titan is a gorgeous male, highly intelligent, and very powerful with lots of energy. (Boy does he love to run!) He has lots of drive and has an extreme willingness to please his handler in obedience work.

 titan 002  german shepherd Aug-Sept 09 009 german shepherd Aug-Sept 09 tarissa with german shepherd titan our german shepherd on the rock (1024x768) titan our german shepherd standing on dock (1024x768) titan our german shepherd making a splash (1024x768) titan our german shepherd camping (1024x768) titan jumping off dock our german shepherd (1024x768) our german shepherd titan standing at park titan 0139 (3) (1024x683) titan with toy in water our german shepherd Titan with his puppies Stella and Gunner Titan with Sophia german shepherd titan with toy Titan vom Theishof Titan vom Theishof Titan 0112 (2) (1024x683) Titan santa hat Boy puppy with Titan (3) (1024x683) titan 0116 (1024x683) titan Tanner Titan with Ursula (1024x683) Titan Waving (1024x683) Titan almost 7 years (1024x683) first (1024x683) titan-our-german-shepherd-swimming-with-trenton-1024x768 titan theishof (1024x683)
"K-Titan vom Theishof" Playing in the water

Videos of Titan:

                                                                                                       Titan loving on one of his puppies.