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P-Kona vom Tiltonhaus

“Kona” Son of Ursula and Titan

Where do I begin?  At first, I wasn’t too excited to get a dog.  I know they are so much more work than a cat, and I grew up with cats. But my husband persisted and we started searching.   My husband and I were wanting to get a German Shepherd for our first fur child since his brother had one.  We didn’t want just any dog from any breeder either.  I wanted to make sure we were getting a healthy, loyal, smart, and fun dog.

When I stumbled across Tiltonhaus German Shepherds I knew that this was where we were going to get ours.  It just felt right in my gut. I could tell that Tammey and her family really adored their dogs, and really took amazing care of them based on their site and Facebook.

We waited over a year to get Kona, but it was sooooo worth it.  She is the most loyal, smart, happy, and friendly pup ever. My husband is still teaching her new tricks to this day over 2 years later.  She gets to run around the farm all day with my husband, and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her now.  Whenever we go into town with her, we always get so many compliments on how she is such a great looking dog.  I might be biased, but I totally agree. 

If you are thinking about getting a German Shepherd through Tiltonhaus… Do it! I highly recommend them!

Sara and Pete Renee

Xara Sofie vom Tiltonhaus

click to see more of Xara Sofie Lexi's and Toshy's puppies
“Sofie” Daughter of Lexi and Toshy

Hello Tammey,  

Sofie is doing wonderful! She’s been such a good fit for our family and we’re proud to see that she shows real interest in our daughters and watches over them when they’re out and about. She’s smart, eager to please and full of energetic drive, what a wonderful trait to work with! Sofie is such a pretty dog and we really like the look and feel of her long coat. We hope you continue to breed GSD’s for a while because I’m certain we will be calling for another dog in a few years. Thank you again for such a wonderful companion! 

Seth Denton

Kona vom Tiltonhaus

Kona one of Paisley's and Titan's german shepherd puppies
“Kona” Daughter of Paisley and Titan

Kona has been the best big sister to my kiddos and becomes a mama when I’m out for long periods due to the military. She was extremely easy to train and loves to guard the house. I couldn’t imagine our family without her in it.

Ashley Cox

V-Stoik vom Tiltonhaus

Stoik Tiltonhaus German Shepherd
“Stoik” Son of Ursula and Ace

From the day we brought Stoik home he was part of our family. He is very loyal, incredibly high energy, and has the best personality! He mostly lives inside but is always willing to spend the day outside hiking, swimming, and chasing his ball. We hope to get a second GSD when we have the space and will definitely come back to Tiltonhaus. Thank you for a wonderful companion.

Thank you for a wonderful companion,

McDaniel Family

Y-Freyja vom Tiltonhaus

Click to see more pictures of Y-Fredja Ella's and Toshy's German Shepherd Puppies
“Freyja” Daughter of Ella and Toshy


Hi Tammy,   

Freyja is 60lbs and healthy. We start basic obedience classes in January. She is 6 months on Christmas Day. We just love her so much! Thank you for our beautiful girl.

John and Rhonda Nelson

V-Natasha vom Tiltonhaus

“Natasha” Daughter of Ursula and Ace

Hi Tammey,
We wanted to let you know how Natasha is doing. She is a year old pup now and has proved to be an exceptional and loving dog. She had socialization and training through the Lilac Plaza dog club, and we have continued to work with her. She is extremely high energy, and it has been important to exercise her daily. She is part of the family and spends about 70% of her time indoors. We have a fenced yard, and a backyard kennel. She is trained to stay in her space on her living room rug and is crate trained for nights. Her favorite activity is Frisbee fetch, and we have attended some of the Sky Dogs competition. I’ve attached some of the photos from her activity. We wanted to say how much our family has appreciated working with you as our breeder. We have had German Shepherd dogs for 30 years, and find your line of dogs to be superb. As medical professionals, we were also very impressed and appreciative of your commitment to scientific breeding and genetic screening, having had a past dog who was burdened with crippling myelitis. Thank you again for helping us find Natasha.
John Graham MD FACP
Janice Graham MD

T-Oliver vom Tiltonhaus

Hello Tammey!

“Ollie” Son of Paisley and Ace

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Ollie! He came into our family and fit in perfectly! He is the sweetest boy. He is so gentle with our boys and loves to play with them. His favorite thing is playing ball. He LOVES his ball! We also take him hiking in the woods and that is just about the next best thing to playing ball.

We love him so much and he has been a fabulous addition to our family! Thank you for raising such amazing dogs! I hope you enjoy his picture. Ollie is such a handsome boy!

Erica Klock  

V-Luka vom Tiltonhaus

85 Pounds and a STAR! Every time I take him out I’m stopped by someone who says, “That’s the most beautiful Shepherd I’ve ever seen.”

I have made him my absolute unconditional priority for ten months and it’s paid off. He’s become a perfect gentleman, and everything I hoped he’d be.

Luka’s Dad (Richard Platt)      

T-Samantha vom Tiltonhaus

“Samantha” Daughter of Paisley and Ace

Hi Tammey!

I hope all is well with you, family, and your pack of dogs. Samantha has been wonderful and growing up to be a great girl. I did run a DNA test on her so I can understand more about her. The results came back fantastic. Paisley and Ace have wonderful genes. I thought I share it with you. 

Have a great day! Tony Le       

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