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F-Theo vom Tiltonhaus

"Theo" Son of Titan and Kira

“Theo” Son of Kira and Titan

Hi Tammey,

We are celebrating Theo’s birthday today and we wanted to share it with you. He is a wonderful family member, he has a beautiful tempermemt, sweet, protective and loving. Theo is a darling boy, he plays like best friends with our 3yr. old granddaughter and stands at the window pouting when she leaves until they drive away. Hes never chewed anything that isn’t his. He completed his training class awesome, we are going to put him in the next level in the fall. We adore him, we are so thankful!

Wendey & Bill Reid

E-Memphis vom Tiltonhaus

"Memphis" Son of Ella and Apollo

“Memphis” Son of Ella and Apollo

Our puppy, Memphis, was one of Ella’s first litter. She is a beautiful dog, as is his father, Apollo. She has a great personality, which made us feel very comfortable when we went to see the puppies. The family environment that these puppies spend the first 8 weeks of their lives in makes such a difference in their social skills and love of human contact. Memphis is a great dog – healthy, independent, gorgeous, well adjusted, loving, and well mannered. He is a very important member of our family and we could not he happier with him. I would recommend Tammy Tilton to anyone looking for a GSD.

Cindy Basile

E-Talan vom Tiltonhaus

"Talan" Son of Ella and Apollo

“Talan” Son of Ella and Apollo

Hi Tammey,

Just thought I’d give you an update on Talan. Talan is an energetic, fun loving dog. He loves the water and being close to the family. He’s a big boy at last weigh in (February ) he was 95lbs. We love him and he’s spoiled rotten.

Thanks for such a beautiful dog,
Rick and Danielle Moran


Bella vom Tiltonhaus

"Bella" Daughter of Titan and Kira

“Bella” Daughter of Kira and Titan

So here is Bella all grown up. She is such an awesome dog so sweet, loving, smart and protective of me she has the best personality and always happy to be around me. I love this little girl my sweet Bella

Brian Luttrull

G-Schultzie vom Tiltonhaus

"Schultzie" Son of Ella and Apollo

“Schultzie” Son of Ella and Apollo

“Schultzie” (black collar boy) is getting so big. He sits, shakes and fetches. He absolutely loves the water. We have him signed up for an obedience class the end of June. We absolutely love him and his spunky personality.

Sharon Sorlie

Enzo vom Tiltonhaus


"Enzo" Son of Ella and Apollo

“Enzo” Son of Ella and Apollo

Enzo, in training at Protection K9!


“Enzo” Son of Ella and Apollo


E-Olaf vom Tiltonhaus


"Olaf" Son of Ella and Apollo

“Olaf” Son of Ella and Apollo

He so amazing an such a great addittion to my family. He sits, jumps, starting to lay down, I will grab a treat an tell him to go to bed and he runs and jumps in his kennel when I have to leave for work.

Carden Family

Electra Dakota vom Tiltonhaus

"Dakota vom Tiltonhaus

“Dakota” Daughter of Ella and Apollo

Just another quick thank you for our girl!!  She’s practicing her service training bringing me requested items (kid toys now, later walking canes etc), and she’s doing amazing! She’s still a big immature 50′ pup, but on her way to becoming an impressive service dog. She is next to learn to help with mobility (leaning on me) to alert if I’m going to fall or get dizzy. She is so far learning this by staying within only a few feet of wherever I may be.

Thank you again!!!
Ingrid Fruth

Bodacious vom Tiltonhaus

"Bodie" Son of Kira and Titan

“Bodie” Son of Kira and Titan

Hi Tammey,

I’ve been meaning to send these pics from Bodie’s first semester in Dog Training. He was a superstar and the trainer loves him. We are planning to do dog agility with Bodie. He loves that stuff.

First though we need to teach those wild Jack Russell Terrorists to stop barking. Bodie has fun batting them around when they are rude. He is so smart. Besides that, his favorite activities are running around the cross country field with the horses or behind the tractor. He sleeps well at night.

What an incredible dog. We love him so much. Hope you are all well.


Laura Powell

Charley vom Tiltonhaus

"Charley" Daughter of Titan and Kira

“Charley” Daughter of Kira and Titan

“We couldn’t be happier with Charley Vom Titlonhaus, our 17 month old GSD. She is as magnificent to look atas she is sweet to be around. She loves kids, is very smart (sometimes too smart), and is always looking out for her family. In November we got a new puppy and Charley immediately took over as her protector and mama! We take her out on our boat, ride bike, go hiking, and are currently training her in Rally and obedience. She also likes to spend time in the quilting room napping! She is a great all around dog and a great addition to our family and as you can see she is always up for some FUN!”

Thanks Tiltonhaus German Shepherds,
Andrew, Kristi and Charley