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Elegant Senta vom Tiltonhaus

senta vom Tiltonhaus

“Senta” Daughter of Ella and Apollo

Wanted to share some photos of Senta.
She is amazing.
We are enjoying her so much.

She is the sweetest dog we have ever known.
We had a little issue with biting for just a few days.
We were diligent with correcting it, and she has done great since.
Thank you so much for the information you emailed!!

The children enjoy every moment with her.
We cannot imagine what we did without her!

God Bless,
The Davis Family
Dan Susan Eden Isaac Christian Sarah Jonah and Senta

C-Hunter vom Tiltonhaus

Hunter has been just the greatest dog, people ask all the time where we got him and we are sure to tell them how great you guys are. I honestly believe the time they spend with you and your family as babies makes a dramatic difference in their personalities and moods. If we ever get another puppy, I can assure you it will be from you!

"Hunter" Son of Titan and Kira

“Hunter” Son of Kira and Titan


He is the light of my life and we are so blessed to have him. We get so many compliments on his coloring and how good his temperament is. I am so thankful for your families care of him before we got him! He is my little man, my walking buddy and best friend. Our trainer is very impressed with him and he is in advanced classes. He is learning so much. Although, he still has a lot to learn. He has a hard time focusing, but we will get there!


James, Amanda, and Hunter

B-Gunner vom Tiltonhaus

“Gunner” Son of Kira and Titan

Our experience with Tiltonhaus German Shepherds was absolutely wonderful. We couldn’t be more pleased with our choice of breeder. They breed beautiful German Shepherds that are intelligent, obedient, healthy, and overall amazing family pets. Our boy Gunner is a great example of the quality of dog that comes from Tiltonhaus, and he loves us just as much as we love him. He’s about 14 months old now and weighs about 92 lbs. He’s incredibly intelligent, he’s always looking out for us, and he’s best snuggle buddy anyone could ask for. 🙂 When Gunner was a puppy we were very impressed with how much TLC and socialization he received from the Tilton’s during the 8 weeks prior to us taking him home. We feel that this played a vital role in him being the great, well-adjusted companion we have today. Thank you Tilton’s so much for all your hard work and dedication in breeding these wonderful dogs!

Eric, Elizabeth, and Gunner 🙂

A-Jake vom Tiltonhaus

“Jake” Son of Kira and Titan

I contacted Tammey shortly after loosing “Buddy” my German Shepherd last fall. He was my best friend, and I never thought that I could ever find another to replace him. I saw Jake the one with the blue collar and knew that my search was over.

He is an amazing new best friend! He follows me everywhere and loves to ride next to me in my truck. He lays in the chair with me when I watch TV or when I take a nap in it! He loves people and gets along with my other 4 labs. He is 6 and 1/2 months old now and approx 75 lbs. He has filled the place in my heart that was broken and I would not trade him for all the money in the world! I am so thankful that Tammey answered the phone that Saturday and let me have my first choice of the 5 puppies. Every single day he amazes me even more with how smart and loyal he is.

Thank you,
Mark Ferrera

A-Tiko vom Tiltonhaus

Getting a puppy from Tiltonhaus was one of the best decisions my family and I have made. Having lost our German Shepherd tragically a few weeks before visiting the Tilton’s, we were very particular on where our next Shepherd would come from. Being able to meet the puppy parents, as well as to view where they were being raised was very important. All of this was achieved in our first visit.

“Tiko” Daughter of Kira and Titan

We were very impressed with not only the surroundings, but the socialization the puppies received. Once we choose our puppy, we were welcomed back each weekend for a visit until she was old enough to come home.

Since joining our house Tiko, who is now almost 6 months old, has become a part of the family. She learns very fast and in less than 2 weeks was completely house broken!

Her abilities, kindness and general demeanor are attributed to that great breeding! 🙂 Thanks to the Tilton’s for our wonderful addition. We love her!

The Hartman’s

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