Loveable, fun, faithful, loyal, steadfast, trainable, protector, comical, versatile, intelligent, and beautiful is the German Shepherd!
Tammey with her seven younger children and their puppy Kara. - 2007
Kara our puppy
Our puppies Kira and Titan
Kara at the ocean
On vacation with our dogs Kara (German Shepherd) and Chloe (Toy Poodle).
Tammey with her puppy Kara. - 2007
Our puppies Titan and Kira going for a stroll.
Our German Shepherds Electra and Kara.
Our family on vacation with our dogs Kara and Chloe.
Our daughter Tarissa with her puppy Titan. - 2007
Our daughter Teri Jo loving on one of our German Shepherd Puppies.
Our grandson Keltin is one happy little boy.
Socializing one of our puppies.
Our son Tanner thinks he is a puppy.
Our family at Pumpkin Lane - 2008
Our kids at Pumpkin Lane - 2007
7 of our children with our puppy Kara at Frontier West (our restaurant).
Our family camping with our dog Titan.
Our puppy Kara sunbathing.
Our family camping with our dog Kira.
Our family swimming with our dog Titan.
Our dog Kara with our grandson Marcus.
Our dogs Electra, Kira, and Titan.
Kira playing dead
Our children ready for Pumpkin Lane.
Our grandchildren ready for K9 police training.
"Are you my mother?" Kira
"I just know you are my mother!" Kira
Our younger boys with Kira's and Titan's puppies.
Puppy Kisses! My grandson Keltin
Kira's and Titan's Puppies
I bet you know what she wants for Christmas. My granddaughter Olivia
My daughter Teri Jo and I training our puppies at the park.
My husband and I taking a stroll with our kids, grand-kids, and puppy.
Our sons Tyler and Tanner helping with socializing our puppies at Yokes.
Some of our kids and grand-kids with Kira's and Titan's puppies.
Our younger children socializing some of our puppies in Deer Park, WA.
German Shepherd day at the park.
Our son Tanner teaching puppies to kiss.
My son Tyler with his dog Ella at Riverfront Park.
Our dogs Urmbia, Ella, Titan, and Kira. - Christmas 2012
Fun in the sun! Umbria vom Theishof
My puppy Umbria.
Our son and Ace walking on a log.
Socializing my puppy Umbria with the help of my children and grand-kids.
My puppy Umbria with her AKC S.T.A.R Puppy award.
My Beautiful Umbria
Lexi earned her Scent Work Title.
My son Tyler and I at training class with our puppies. - 2012
Ella giving my son Tyler a kiss after they completed their AKC Puppy S.T.A.R. 2012
"Let me on too please! My son Tyler and Umbria
Our German Shepherds love the water!
My son Trevor with my dog Umbria.
Tammey with her dogs Umbria and Kira.
Tammey with Titan, Umbria and Kira.
Can you find our cat? - 2014
Tammey and Ella at the ocean.
Dog Training at the park.
"It's always easier doing school with a puppy." Our son Trevor
Snuggle Time! Our son Tanner
"Bet you can guess what he is dreaming about." - Our grandchildren Keltin and Olivia.
Sweetness! Our son Tanner
My son's (Travis) dog Caylee vom Theishof
Congratulation Caylee!
Our beautiful Caylee. Caylee vom Theishof
A wagon of cuties. Ella's puppies
Some of our kids and grand-kids out for a walk with a couple of our dogs.
Nap time! Ella's puppies
TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! Ella's puppies
"Did you hear that?" Ella's puppies
Kira's Puppies
Pick Me! Ella's puppies
Kira's and Titan's puppies
Our Caylee girl won Best in Breed. Thanks to my son Tyler for handling her for me during the show.
Caylee is enjoying life with our son Travis and his family. Caylee vom Theishof
Caylee earned her CGC Title
"Caylee wants a cookie, please!"
Telling Secrets! Our grandson Keltin
Our grandson Evan with Caylee.
Our son Trevor with his puppy Ursula.
Our son Tyler with his dog Paisley.
Our son Trevor having fun with his dog Ursula
Tiltonhaus Puppies
Ursula von Morgen Haus Our son's (Trevor) dog
Bundle of Joy!
Best friend! Trevor and Ursula
ONE VERY HAPPY BOY! Our son with his puppy Ursula.
One loved pup! Trevor and Ursula
Our son Tyler and his dog Paisley earning their AD Title.
Our son Trevor and his dog Urusla earned their VP show rating.
Tammey taught Caylee to sit pretty.
Our son Trevor and his dog Ursula earned their Nosework Title. Congratulations!
Trevor and Ursula came in first place and received a SG-1 show rating. Great job son!
Our son Trevor and his dog Ursula earned more ribbons and Nosework Titles. They are a great team!
Tammey and Ace earned their CGC Title. I'm very proud of this puppy.
Our son Tyler and his dog Paisley earned ribbons and Nosework Titles. Nice work son!
Ella's Puppies
A Dozen Little Fur Balls! Ella's and Apollo's puppies
Ella enjoying a nice swim.
"How can I resist that face." My sweet Lexi!
Tiltonhaus Puppies
Paisley and Ace
Toshy and Annie
Camping with our family. Granddaughter Olivia and Lexi
Fun at the lake with our dogs. Caylee and Lexi
Camping Fun! Our son, grandsons and Lexi
Our dog's playing fetch in the water. Ace and Lexi
Our dogs are ready for a swim. 2018
Our dogs love to swim! Ace, Lexi and Caylee
Our Beautiful Toshy! Christmas 2018
Titan and Paisley
Our son Tyler and his dog Paisley. Nosework ribbons they earned
Kira and Annie Both of this dogs are owned by Tamme
Our beautiful stud dogs!
Willow and Annie at Pet Fest. Tom's and Tammey's puppies
Annie with one of our puppies.
Titan and Paisley Our daughter, Tarissa, and son, Tyler's, dogs.
Our son Tanner with his dog Toshy. 2018
Toshy and Ursula Our son's dogs, Toshy and Ursula.
What kind of Kiss is that? Ursula and Titan's puppies.
Kisses are the best! Our dog Titan kissing one of our puppies.
"I just have to kiss you!" Lady's and Toshy's puppies.
So Precious! Lexi and her sister.
Pocket Puppies Our son put puppies in his robe pockets.
Annie earned her AKC Community CGC Title
Willow earned her AKC Puppy S.T.A.R.
Raining day fun at the river.
Annie being silly!
Fun at the Lake.
Annie earned her AKC Urban CGC Title
Annie earned her AKC Puppy S.T.A.R.
Paisley and Toshy Easter 2020
Kira, Annie and Bomba. Easter 2020
Annie and Bomba Easter 2020
Fun at the park. Willow and Annie
Lady earned her AKC Novice Trick Title 2020
Best Buds! Kira and Annie
Annie and Bomba Christmas - 2020
Lexi earned her Novice Trick Title - 2020
Annie, Kira, and Toshy Relaxing. - 2020
Willow earned her Novice Trick Title - 2020
Annie earned her AKC Elite Performer Trick Title. - 2020
Annie earned her AKC Intermediate Trick Title. - 2020
Bomba's first Christmas with us. - 2020
Our beautiful stud dog Bomba. - 2021
Ursula Christmas - 2019
Ursula Winter - 2020