Beautiful, intelligent, obedient, healthy and amazing family pets.

Logan Jayce vom Tiltonhaus

“Jayce” Daughter of Annie and Bomba. Hi Tammey, Greetings from Kent, Ct. Here we are in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We love our boy Jayce. Can’t say enough. He is a “rock star”. I am amazed and proud of the fact that he is a showstopper wherever we go. People want to take […]

Hank vom Tiltonhaus

“Hank” Son of Annie and Bomba. I am very happy with Hank, getting him was the best decision I made last year. He goes pretty much everywhere with me, and he is extremely smart and sweet. Carey Barlow

I-Mia vom Tiltonhaus

“Mia” Daughter of Willow and Bomba. Hi Tammy, Mia is quite the character! Loves people but knows when it’s time to be on guard. She loves to play with other dogs. We have 2 older German shepherds and Mia thinks she’s in charge of them. DEFINATELY wants to be the alpha. She loves playing with […]

Lex vom Tiltonhaus

"Lex" Son of Annie and Bomba.

“Lex” Son of Annie and Bomba. Lex is doing great. He gets compliments on his looks & temperament all the time. Our trainer is so impressed with Lex she asked us to share your information with her. He’s an amazing dog, we are so happy to have him in our lives.  Thanks, Payam

Iojack vom Tiltonhaus

“Iojack” Son of Willow and Bomba. Iojack and Luca cuddling. They are getting along perfectly. Iojack is gentle and apprehensive of approaching. In this moment he doesn’t know exactly what to do because I put the baby on him for tummy time for the first time. – Marcel Englmaier

K-Gemma vom Tiltonhaus

“Gemma” Daughter of Lady and Bomba. Here’s a picture of Gemma on her first birthday August 27! We just love her so much! She is just a sweetheart! Thank you, Dianna Atchley

K-Greta vom Tiltonhaus

“Greta” Daughter of Lady and Bomba. Hi Tammey, here is K-Greta living her best life. I love her so much She is such a blessing. Thanks again, Krista Shull

Evie vom Tiltonhaus

“Evie” Daughter of Ursula and Toshy. Hi, Tammy! Just wanted to give a quick update on Evie! She’s doing great and is just the sweetest dog in the world. I don’t know what I’d do without her. We got into nosework this past year, and she won her first title last night in a wags […]


UpComing Puppies!

We currently have one 7-year-old female dog available. If you are interested in a puppy from an upcoming litter, please fill out the “I’m Interested Form”, or feel free to “Contact Us” with any of your questions. If you want to see the litters coming up, please click the link below.