Hunter vom Tiltonhaus

"Hunter" Son of Kira and Titan

“Hunter” Son of Kira and Titan

My fur baby boy is 3 today!!! From 2 days old I have been in love with him, even when I wasn’t sure he would be ours but praying he would be, the moment he snuggled up into my sweatshirt when I was holding him at 2 days old I was a lost cause and I knew he had pick us more then we had picked him.
He has been an ever present source of love and comfort for me through the last 3 years. If I’m ever having a bad day, one look at his derpy happy face, a giggle later and he has changed my mood. I could not ever imagine my life with out my Hunter!
Thank you to(Tammey Tilton)Tiltonhaus German Shepherds for breeding such amazing pups!

Amanda Peters

This pup is 3 years old today! Crazy how time flies! Thank you Tammey Tilton for breeding such awesome dogs. Hunter is everything we ever wanted and more.

James Marszalek