Beautiful, intelligent, obedient, healthy and amazing family pets.

Our Beautiful Toshy! Christmas 2018
Caylee vom Theishof is enjoying life with our son Travis and his family.
Our beautiful Caylee vom Theishof.
Leah and Annie showing off!
Our Proud, Beautiful, Shepherds - 2023
FAMILY! Father (Bomba), Mother (Annie), and Daughters (Hannah and Leah). 2023
Paisley and Ace
Ursula von Morgen Haus Our son's (Trevor) puppy.
"How can I resist that face." My sweet Lexi!
Our beautiful stud dogs! Toshy and Bomba
Annie, Missy, Hannah, and Leah - 2023
Annie, Missy, Hannah, and Leah - 2023
Annie and Bomba Christmas - 2020
Annie, Bomba and their daughter Hannah 2021
Annie, Bomba, and their daughter Hannah. - 2021
Hannah, Leah, and their dad Bomba. - 2023
Kira, Annie and Bomba. - Easter 2020
Annie and Bomba - Easter 2020
Best Buds! Kira and Annie
Lady and her puppy.
Willow being cute!
Willow being cute!
Willow Relaxing
Hannah, Defender, Leah, and Annie - 2023
Kira's 14th Birthday - 2023
Annie with her daughter Hannah
Annie with her daughter Hannah. - Summer 2021
Lady Christmas 2018
Lady Christmas - 2018
Our beautiful Hannah and Annie after a swim.
Hannah, Bomba, Annie, and Leah.
My Beautiful Long Coats - 2022
Bomba and Annie are in the middle with one of their daughters on each side of them.
These dogs truly love each other.
Our dogs Urmbia, Ella, Titan, and Kira. - Christmas 2012
Annie - Christmas 2022
Hannah - Christmas 2022
Defender and Hannah - Christmas 2022
Bomba - Christmas 2022
Defender - Christmas 2022
Hannah and Defender - Christmas 2022
Kalista - Christmas 2022
Lexi - Christmas 2022
Leah Christmas - 2022
Leah, Annie, and Hannah. - Christmas 2022
Leah, Annie, Bomba, and Hannah. - Christmas 2022
Bomba and Leah Tiltonhaus German Shepherds
Bomba and his daughter Leah.
Defender and Hannah with their puppies - 2023
Defender and Hannah with their puppies - 2023
Defender and Hannah Family!
Defender and Hannah puppies - 2023
hannah puppies
Hannah with her puppies - 2023
Leah, Hannah, Bomba, and Annie - 2023
Hannah, Bomba, Annie, and Leah - 2023
Leah, Hannah, Bomba, and Annie - 2023

UpComing Puppies!

We currently have one 7-year-old female dog available. If you are interested in a puppy from an upcoming litter, please fill out the “I’m Interested Form”, or feel free to “Contact Us” with any of your questions. If you want to see the litters coming up, please click the link below.