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Hunter vom Tiltonhaus

"Hunter" Son of Kira and Titan

“Hunter” Son of Kira and Titan

My fur baby boy is 3 today!!! From 2 days old I have been in love with him, even when I wasn’t sure he would be ours but praying he would be, the moment he snuggled up into my sweatshirt when I was holding him at 2 days old I was a lost cause and I knew he had pick us more then we had picked him.
He has been an ever present source of love and comfort for me through the last 3 years. If I’m ever having a bad day, one look at his derpy happy face, a giggle later and he has changed my mood. I could not ever imagine my life with out my Hunter!
Thank you to(Tammey Tilton)Tiltonhaus German Shepherds for breeding such amazing pups!

Amanda Peters

This pup is 3 years old today! Crazy how time flies! Thank you Tammey Tilton for breeding such awesome dogs. Hunter is everything we ever wanted and more.

James Marszalek

Thunder vom Tiltonhaus

"Thunder" Son of Kira and Titan

“Thunder” Son of Kira and Titan

Hi there!
Hope you guys are well. We are doing good. Thunder is AMAZING as always smile emoticon So sorry it took me so long to get these in the (e)mail. Wanted so many different ones than the ones I found, so I’ll send more as I find them. But these will at least show you just how beautiful he really is. And SUPER smart. Only have to tell him once. We’re hoping they’ll want to breed next Spring. Thunder sure will make some fine pups! May God Bless You, Your Family, Your Shepherds, and all you do…
The Shaws
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I-Amelia vom Tiltonhaus

"Amelia" Daughter of Ella and Geronimo

“Amelia” Daughter of Ella and Geronimo

Hi, Amelia is doing awesome! We have been training her since we got her and is very smart. She is an alpha dog but we are alpha over her so we do not have any probables with her. She knows how to heal without a leash and stays to our side or behind us, she is crate trained, she waits, sits, stays, etc.. She does great in daycare. We get a lot of complements on her. People can not believe she does not need a lease at her age. I am training her with the chickens also. This is the only pic I have of her on my phone as an older puppy. Thank you she is awesome!

Jeanne Kelp

H-Beast vom Tiltonhaus

"Beast" vom Tiltonhaus

“Beast” Son of Kira and Titan

Beast is doing so well! He can sit and stay, lay down and stay, speak, shake (only likes to do it with both paws for some reason, I think he just gets excited), spin, the command to go to his bed and kennel, and just overall pretty obedient! He is currently enrolled in obedience training at ValorK9 which has been fabulous. We love him so much, he is such a great dog and addition to our family! For a GSD he is so calm, and easy going, which is really nice!

Thank you again for providing us with the most amazing companion!

-The Bilodeau’s

H-Ava vom Tiltonhaus

"Ava" Daughter of Kira and Titan

“Ava” Daughter of Kira and Titan

Hi Tammey!

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. I just wanted to give you an update on Ava. She is 6 months old now and weights 64 lbs. She somehow graduated the beginners’ training class at a local pet store…haha. She knows the basic commands but will mostly only listen on her terms right now. She loves camping and is an excellent swimmer (I think she’s a better swimmer than I am, haha). She is so full of energy and very loving. She is getting more comfortable around other dogs and has not had any problems making friends at the dog park. Thanks, again, for such a great puppy. We love her so much. People are always commenting on how pretty she is and asking where we got her. Your dogs are all so beautiful…can’t wait to see what Titan and Paisley’s puppies look like! I’ll keep you posted as she grows.

Have a great day!

Hailie Meyers


Grizzly vom Tiltonhaus

"Griz" Son of Ella and Apollo

“Griz” Son of Ella and Apollo

I wanted to send a pic of Griz. He’s the most loving dog I’ve ever had. He sure is handsome. Thanks for breeding such quality dogs.
Marty Palaniuk

I-Stella vom Tiltonhaus

"Stella" Daughter of Ella and Geronimo

“Stella” Daughter of Ella and Geronimo

Good morning Tammey!

Just a quick note to let you know how much we love our dear Stella and are truly enjoying her. We could barely tear ourselves away to go to church today, as she has been our nonstop companion.
She seat belts  in beside me in the passenger seat in the morning, and loves going to work with me. The staff is just crazy about her and of course she loves all of the extra attention!
She has learned the sit and down commands and is potty training well. Thanks again for such a beautiful animal.
ps: for being reluctant at first, my husband is totally and completely in love with her. Thanks be to God! Hope you and your family are well. Take care.
Cathy Luchini

F-Kaanen von Tiltonhaus


"Kaanan" Son of Titan and Kira

“Kaanan” Son of Kira and Titan

Happy birthday to F-Kaanen Von Tiltonhaus.
My big boy is one today and he has brought me so much happiness in this last year. He is mellow, loving, smart, curious, protective, and. downright beautiful. He is about 90 lbs right now and bigger in the winter. I love this dog and he has enabled me to put my guard down, relax, and just love him. Every other dog I have had since I moved to Spokane was basically sold or taken away from me as downsizing the dogs was the command. I didn’t want to love any dog again because it hurt to lose them. When I went to see Tammey’s pups when they were 4 weeks, this pup is the one I wanted, but was not first to choose. My daughter kept looking at points about the others, but I was hesitant—I was really liking this pup. When Tammey Tilton called and said I was up to choose, he was left. YES! Little Kaanen became mine. He slept with me and little by little, he softened my heart to let go and just love him. He is an incredible sensitive dog and when he hears me crying, he goes berserk until he can come love on me. This dog had been my therapy–better than any counselor!!!
Tammey Tilton thank you for having awesome pups and gentling them, with great socialization of your big family, like a person does a horse so that they come to love their human as the leader of their pack. I love my boy and hope to have many years with him.

Karen E Davis

F-Angel vom Tiltonhaus

"Angel" Daughter of Titan and Kira

“Angel” Daughter of Kira and Titan

Andrew wrote a paragraph on Angel as follows:

Angel is a sweet, lovable pup that wants to be played with. When she runs, she sounds like a lightening bolt across the yard. Angel is a very strong pup, and sometimes doesn’t want to eat if she’s being watched. She is really watchful over us. In conclusion, Angel is the best dog. Thank you Kira and Titan! – Andrew

And here’s what I have to say about Angel:

Angel is an intensely smart, active and vibrant pup. She gets super excited going to the local creek for swimming, and absolutely loves water. We can’t keep her out of the kids’ swimming pool in the backyard, she will jump in and out of it constantly. Nor can we keep her out of the bathtub at times. She willingly gets right into the tub for baths, and absolutely loves the water! She loves going for car rides, and sits right down easily for the ride. She also is very protective and watchful over me and the kids, which as being a single mom, is exactly what I wanted. She is able to be by us without a leash on, coming on command when called. We are still working on some “puppy” behaviors, but this is to be expected, until she outgrows some things. We have learned to put things away that are not meant to be chewed on etc., as she is in the transitional training process. She is so sweet, loving and loyal to us. It is also nice that she does not bark unless she has heard something to alert us. She is also able to be on watch on command, when asked. I have no regrets in our purchase. She is extremely loving with my children. At first, she played a bit too rough with my youngest, but with constant training and redirecting, she has outgrown this and sits down on the ground with my 3 year old, puts her paw softly on her and nuzzles her, napping at times and stealing the blanket to lay with. She is the perfect dog for us. Thank you so much.

Thanks Tammey, we are loving each and every day with Angel. She’s been such a blessing to us, and has filled the loss in our hearts from our prior dog’s passing. 🙂

Enjoy the summer!

Jamie, Andrew & Hayden

Faith Hannah vom Tiltonhaus

"Hannah" Daughter of Titan and Kira

“Hannah” Daughter of Kira and Titan


Hannah has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She is sweet, loyal, protective and just a joy to be around. She plays well with humans and other animals. She loves riding in the car and playing in her pool. She has a great sense of her environment and knows where she belongs. We live on ten acres without a fence and she knows to stay on her property. She is able to take long walks off the leash without straying. She is a quick learner and responds well to positive reinforcement. Hannah is probably the best dog I have ever had.

Wendi Mclean