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F-Angel vom Tiltonhaus

"Angel" Daughter of Kira and Titan
Andrew wrote a paragraph on Angel as follows: Angel is a sweet, lovable pup that wants to be played with. When she runs, she sounds like a lightening bolt across the yard. Angel is a very strong pup, and sometimes doesn’t want to eat if she’s being watched. She is really watchful over us. In conclusion, Angel is the best dog. Thank you Kira and Titan! – Andrew And here’s what I have to say about Angel: Angel is an intensely smart, active and vibrant pup. She gets super excited going to the local creek for swimming, and absolutely loves water. We can’t keep her out of the kids’ swimming pool in the backyard, she will jump in and out of it constantly. Nor can we keep her out of the bathtub at times. She willingly gets right into the tub for baths, and absolutely loves the water! She loves going for car rides, and sits right down easily for the ride. She also is very protective and watchful over me and the kids, which as being a single mom, is exactly what I wanted. She is able to be by us without a leash on, coming on command when called. We are still working on some “puppy” behaviors, but this is to be expected, until she outgrows some things. We have learned to put things away that are not meant to be chewed on etc., as she is in the transitional training process. She is so sweet, loving and loyal to us. It is also nice that she does not bark unless she has heard something to alert us. She is also able to be on watch on command, when asked. I have no regrets in our purchase. She is extremely loving with my children. At first, she played a bit too rough with my youngest, but with constant training and redirecting, she has outgrown this and sits down on the ground with my 3 year old, puts her paw softly on her and nuzzles her, napping at times and stealing the blanket to lay with. She is the perfect dog for us. Thank you so much. Thanks Tammey, we are loving each and every day with Angel. She’s been such a blessing to us, and has filled the loss in our hearts from our prior dog’s passing. 🙂 Enjoy the summer!
Jamie, Andrew & Hayden

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